Are you Gorgeously Full Fat?

logo-gorgeously-full-fat-small-gif1No no no, this isn’t a diet advert. Perish the very thought. Gorgeously Full Fat is the new incarnation of the Queen Simply Be blog which I’ve been writing since 2007.

It’s also somewhere I’ll be sharing my progress with my novel ‘Viva Voluptuous’ and lots of other fun stuff for plus size people who don’t believe that life ends at size 14.

Look out for reviews of books, commentary on diets, advice and reviews of fitness classes, DVDs and apps. There’s going to be plus size fashion and beauty, and loads more.

Don’t get sucked back into Slimming World again this year, learn to be the best you possible and get happy…at any size.



4 thoughts on “Are you Gorgeously Full Fat?

    • Divster says:

      I have, but they have tied in friendship….. doesn’t that make me look very sad? A mother at home, with one day (a few hours) away from from it all a week, and they offer me friendship. All I have to do is lose weight, or confess my syns!

      • Positive Sarah says:

        It’s not sad at all. If you actually get something from it, and you enjoy the social side of it, there’s no reason to stop going. Shame you can’t just go without being weighed really…

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