Why I love Leonie!

Leonie capeIt’s fair to say that 2012 has, for me anyway, been the year of Leonie.

Leonie Dawson, to be precise.

She’s an Australian super-human powerhouse of creative energy who embraces her woo-woo with pride, creates awesome workbooks and e-books that she shares with a tribe of ‘Goddesses’ and blogs about how freaking wonderful the world is.

I’m part of the Goddess Circle and I’m going to be working through the two 2013 Create Your Incredible Year workbooks to give me the creative boost that I need to get writer-girl Sarah out of her comfort zone and into a fabulous, successful business in 2013.

Reading Leonie’s blog posts always puts a smile on my face. I dare you to read the Goddess Guidebook blog and not grin from ear to ear. If you’re not utterly convinced that you need this woman in your life already, do what I did and read the blogs, download the freebies (the Biz and Blog Workbook is full of ideas for you if you want to build a business doing something they love, but don’t have pots of cash to spend on technology – or can’t give up the day job).

Then, come over to the Goddess Circle and get involved! One of my New Years Goals is to get more involved – there are Circles where you can talk about just about anything from getting creative to setting up your dream business, just offloading, sharing ideas, supporting other women and even joining the Kiva loans group.

Even if you just sneak a peek every now and again, she’s one of my hot tips for 2013.



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