Times it by ten

DoorstopI’m reading ‘The Magic‘ by Rhonda Byrne at the moment, and one bit has really made me think. Relationships. Without them, we don’t have a reason to do most things. If it wasn’t for other people, why would artists paint, musicians compose or inventors invent?

Research studies have come up with the finding that for every negative thing we say or think about someone we love, we need to counteract it with ten positives. If the negatives start to creep up, things start looking bad and eventually it could lead to disaster.

I reminded myself of that when I found the washing that my beloved had forgotten about still in the dryer along with the snotty tissue he’d managed to shred in there. Lucky for us, he’s got way more than ten positives to his name and I think I can forgive shredded tissue, even if I muttered to myself when I found it.

So, my thought for the day is that it’s all gratitude. Once you learn to really appreciate the people in your life, and think positively about them, you’ll start to notice the good stuff even more … and there’ll be more of it to notice. Which just has to be good!


2 thoughts on “Times it by ten

  1. Melanie says:

    I love this post, if we always stopped and found 10 positive things to counteract each negative thought, how differently we would feel. I am definitlely going to try and put this into practise. Thank you so much x

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