Shoulda Woulda Coulda

my-to-do-list-funny-picture-13870“Should” is one of those words that seems quite innocuous but seems to cause a lot of stress when you use it.

I’ve made a bit of a resolution for 2013 – not to go with the ‘shoulds’ so much.

I have trouble sometimes, separating my me-time from work time. It’s the downside of having the desk, sofa and TV all in one room. Sometimes things can get a little bit overlappy! I tell myself I *should* answer that work email that’s come through on my phone at 8pm, I just need to fire up the laptop and send that ever-so-important document RIGHT NOW.

I tell myself I*should* tidy up the kitchen even though I’ve literally just sat down after working non-stop and then cooking dinner.

I convince myself that I *should* work on a weekend if I’m home alone “just to get it done.”

I find myself sitting down after I’ve switched off the computer, telling myself that I *should* write a blog or I *should* go on Twitter and do some networking.

Just recently I’ve been trying to interrupt these shoulds and ask myself what I actually want to do. The shoulds don’t tend to crop up around things that I know I have to do, like deadlines and paying bills. No, they appear to nag me into doing something that isn’t strictly necessary at that moment, but that I feel as if I ought to do it to keep someone happy.  Or to live up to the ridiculously high standards I try to set myself and invariably can’t maintain!

I suspect my shoulds are one of the reasons I rebel and eat too much. I know I *should* put the chocolates down, but I don’t want to.

Anyway, 2013 will be the year I banish SHOULD. If I need to, I will, if it can wait, it will and if I don’t need to, I won’t stress over it.

Oh, but I REALLY should go and empty the dryer…


4 thoughts on “Shoulda Woulda Coulda

  1. Nancy says:

    I love this! I need a sign that says, “Don’t should on yourself.” I think it’s the only way I’d finally remember. Thanks for the reminder and the renewed desire to stop!

  2. Dominee Wyrick says:

    I totally hear you! I am trying to abandon that word from my vocabulary this year. Last year involved a lot of overwhelm and burnout and it was all pressure I applied to myself.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sharyn says:

    Totally agree! I definitely believe in focusing on what I want to do rather than what I should do. Hence why my art room is in dire need of a makeover but I work around the mess, because I want to do art, not clean up!

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