About Me

Sarah Clark

In a rather fetching hat

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’ve been ‘Relentlessly Positive’ since 2006 when I started the first of my websites Relentlessly Positive.

In 2009 I moved the site over to a blog format, just because it was getting to be a pain updating it all the time and someone told me that blogs were the way to go. The Relentlessly Positive blog carried on there for nearly three years…

Now I’ve moved ‘house’ and I’m starting afresh here.

I’m a freelance writer, blogger and novelist (my first book, ‘Viva Voluptuous‘ was published in 2014 and I’m on a mission to look for the good stuff and share it around.

I’m also a little bit bored with ‘perfect’ lifestyle blogs and Instagram feeds. Guru bloggers who tell us that if we eat kale crisps and cook everything in coconut oil we’ll look like them AND get rich. That if we just learn to ask the Universe nicely, we’ll have everything we want by next week with a side order of chips. I want to do something that’s positive but real. A bit of comedy, my chaotic life and my attempts to make some happy.

Would be lovely to have you with me 🙂


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